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Hello people of Arma. I come here after watching YouTubers such as Luetin09 and Dyslecxi dish out some exciting tactical plays. With 500 hours of "dicking about" I am now looking for a more structured experience, one that closer resembles the milsim approach. What really got me excited was the way squads were planning their strategy on luetins Zeus missions. All I know from my own multiplayer experience is that no one even has a mic, runs of shooting wildly in the air and getting the whole squad killed at which point everyone is feeling not very immersed and we end up trolling each other with team kills. 


It's all about communication for me and I hope someone reads this and we can put some mean pincer movements on the tangos while over watch is covering us from the high ground, we get pinned down and call for artillery fire. Artillery not available sir, they were taken out by enemy marksmen and all we have is friendly cas units inbound from the north east. Alpha 2 be advised there are friendly units in the area, we will mark our position with green smoke. Over. Tangos coming over the hill, we will paint the target. Watch for our lasers. Copy that Charlie. We have the target locked and are ready to fire. 

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Hey RastaBambi!

I would recommend looking into EU 3 for a more structured gaming experience, or if you really want to try millsim, i'd look into AHOSEC, a new Millsim unit being created in Ahoyworld that requires actual scheduled training courses before you can see any action.

However, if you're looking for a more casual yet structured gaming experience, just hop onto the teamspeak, you'll find plenty of players ready to group up and take it to CSAT!

Welcome to Ahoyworld buddy, and I hope to see you in the field!


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Thank you all. Looking forward to playing with you ahoy world. My takeaway is that everyone is friendly and has a sense of humor. Also, I understand to get active on team speak and play on EU3 some before committing to more serious groups. I will give it a try this week and get involved with the forums too. Cheers! 

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