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Hello AhoyWorld friends :D

Santhiras Nostaroi

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Hey my friends,


My name is Raphael (22) and i am from Austria. I am playing Arma 3 now since December 2015 and got about 350 hours now. The most time i played on AhoyWorld EU 1 and 2. I like the community playing on the servers, thats why i decided to register in the forum and be part of the community :)


Ingame you can find me as [FL] Santhiras Nostaroi. So i would like to have a lot of nice moments on the servers with all of you ;)


PS: Im sorry if my english is a little bit rusty gg

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Welcome. If you have any questions about EU#3 which you've visited yesterday. Ask me or anyone from veterans. If you need some kind of light training I can show you through equipment. If you want to learn tactics, shadow one of veteran players. Don't ask questions while we are at AO. Good luck and good plays!

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