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eu3 latest version of fallujah and veichle repairing?

Guest Bartlett

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Guest Bartlett

So I was on eu3 fallujah last night when me and boogieman was tasked to get In cas jets to take out an enemy tank platoon, so we both got on the runway looking all professional and and shit, took of in formation got to 600m the broke off to engage, I got a lock on with an AGM so I fired. As I fired the enemy returned fire before I knew it the missile was really close so I banked left and fired flares, it was like an action movie I couldn't believe my eyes, the missile travels under the belly of the harrier and explodes of a flair right up my ass. I was wounded as hell and the jet was littered in hole's from the experts explosion it was smoking like mad but still flyable, so I immediately break off and rtb I get the aircraft on the ground and get myself patched up reared the harrier... but could I get the harrier fixed??? ....could I hell, the repair hemtt didn't repair it, I even tried the engineer to see if that would do it? At this point boogie is on the ground and we're both scratching our heads trying to figure out what is going on, last I remember their was a welding station, so anyway. .... how do we fix aircraft now????

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My apologies for not explaining this in greater detail...



1) Service pads will do nothing automatic for you.  A player must always repair a vehicle through ACE.

2) The following roles are now classed as engineers:

     i) Vortex & Logi Pilot & Co-pilots

     ii) Torch & Hammer commander

     iii) Command Engineer & Logi Engineer (these two are repair specialists, one rank higher than engineer - at some point these roles may be necessary for a full repair)

3) Only engineers or the above roles can repair vehicles. Any role can rearm or refuel any vehicle.



1) All engineer roles can repair all vehicles, as long as they have a toolkit equipped (typically fits in your backpack)

2) In the field you can repair any segment of a vehicle, I believe up to 60%

3) In base, you can fully repair any vehicle, so long as it is parked on a repair pad (technically there is no difference between an air service pad and a ground service pad)

4) I believe you can also fully repair any vehicle in the field if the repair truck is parked next to it

5) You get a "full repair" option on the repair pad or next to the repair vehicle, which will repair all parts of the vehicle at once.



1) You have to have the vehicle parked next to the Huron Ammo Pod, these are located at the service pads

2) ACE interact with the ammo pod, you get an option for "Take Ammo" and the vehicle; doing this will produce an ammo box which I believe you are now carrying

3) Move over to the vehicle, ACE interact with the vehicle to load ammo.  You have to do this for every weapon system that requires re-arming



1) You have to have the vehicle parked reasonably close to the fuel bladder (or fuel truck), these are typically located at the service pad

2) ACE interact with the fuel nozzle on the fuel bladder to take the nozzle into your hand - you actually go over to the vehicle and attach the nozzle to begin fuelling.

3) If you're not close enough to the fuel source you may have to reposition the vehicle closer - the nozzle is connected by a hose which is only so long.  You will be notified if it can't reach.

4) Begin fueling via ace interaction either on the nozzle end or the fuel bladder end. You'll be notified when it's done.

5) return the nozzle when you're done.


- R


ps. Many people have asked why this changed.  A three-fold reason, the first being that it didn't fit with the nature of EU3 that there was a magical repair pad which almost instantly repaired, refueled and rearmed a vehicle.  Second, ACE didn't have its expanded r/r/r functionality when the repair pads were introduced.  And thirdly and most importantly, the way the old magic repair pads worked was through a trigger, and the first thing it did was turn off your engine when you drove into it... so helicopters and planes flying over service pads could occasionally fall from the sky.

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Guest Bartlett

Thanks ryokan that really helped. I do have 1 more query that I just thought of, as an engineer, if your out in the field and a humvee's engine gets hit and goes red on the top left where the fuel and damage is displayed. How do you fix the engine as every other part I can see in the ace menu to fix it but the engine doesn't show???

Dam predictive text sorry ryko

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