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God of Din

God Of Din

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Name: My name is God Of Din.

Why: I think I was banned because the other day I shot at a helicopter to get its attention and accidentally killed a passenger.

Why I should be unbanned: I believe in my opinion my ban should be lifted, because i realize how stupid i was at the time, and I love playing I&A.

Who: I think it was PERO as my message says (BattleEye:Admin Ban(God Of Din/TK/PERO)), if its not I have no idea.

When: Today on the 21/4/16

UID: My UID is 76561198169960457

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You`ve been banned on a basis of a player report backed up by video, for the exact incident you are describing and being honest about.


Due the upper statement, I/we are giving you another chance, but please, read the rules and stick to them. If you are looking for a heli pilot to pick you up, notify him via chat and pop smoke to exactly point out where you are. Never shot at the heli because you`ll either teamkill someone or the pilot is just gonna fly away and frustrate you even more.




NOTE: it will physically lifted when we get our RCON access back so I can remove it, I`ll let you know when that happens.



Community Referee

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