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Miczils Ban Appeal


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Ingame Name*: Miczils


Why do you think you were banned?:It is said i was harrasing people, my side of the story \/


Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted?*: What i did was, i joined Duffyman's channel and asked him how is it to be banned(he got banned after teamkilling me twice yesterday. I don't remember who was in the channel with him but i heard that if i wont get out of the channel they will report me for harrasing them, so i did went out of the channel. Few minutes later while talking in Ts3 channel with moonfire i got dragged to a channel by the admin and was told that i am harrasing banned duffyman and moonfire *i don't think i was harrasing moonfire at any point, maybe S0zio just read the wrong nickname but it may have sense to write it here*     and i will be out for a day for doing that. I agreed, even i believe it wasn't that much of harrasing. I got the ban, today i tried to join again, and i see that i am permanently banned now. I was told that it is because something else was unveiled in my case, I don't know what can that be.

I believe it could be me "harrasing" duffy before, true, i have said few stupid things, but we did shittalk eachother for some time, and i wouldn't call that harrasing as he was also throwing some meat at me, i just took is as casual "banter" shittalk as i believe he also did
(Im sorry if i hurt your feelings duffy, you called me a shit pilot tho, thats something man can never forget ;_;


Which administrator banned you (ArmA 3 only)?: Soziopath


When were you banned?*: 26 hours until now


Thank you for reading my poem, Cheers Miczils

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The initial ban was done for what you are saying and admitting to, harrasing a certain individual. It`s not according to our social standards and will be always punished. It was a 24 hour ban, but due your history, it`s been changed to a permanent one (see below).


I`ve also been shown a stream where you are promoting to call that individual a certain word. That was recorded a couple days before the person was banned for trying to shoot you in base. It shows that you are trying to provoke him and getting him kicked/banned. That is crossing a line where you should never go and I believe you`ve gone beyond the point of return. You`ve admitted in the video that you`ve done that before and it worked. It`s called bullying and is not and will not be tolerated on our servers. You`ve recieved warnings about other stuff before, you`ve even been banned for a week for teamkilling on EU3, you clearly don`t wish to abide to a couple of rules.


Proof: watch from 46th to 48th minute: https://www.twitch.tv/dr4mpire/v/57411845


This behaviour does not reflect Ahoy World community and will always be frown upon.


Ban appeal DENIED.



Community Referee

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