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Battleye problem


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I have just recently downloaded arma sync and set everything up. 

Whenever I try to launch the game a battleye command prompt pops up and it tries to update battleye, it immediatly fails and then a few seconds later it closes itself. 


Can anyone help?


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Try launching the the arma 3 launcher and launch the game without mods on, it should update battleye if it needs to.


Failing that, try launching the game without battleye on with your mods, you can do this by going to launcher options in arma 3 sync and at the bottom selecting the ArmA3.Exe rather than the battleye.exe and the game will launch without battleye. (Note that when you join a server the game will tell you to restart with battleye on, just simply click accept and the game should restart, hopefully without issues.)


Failing both these, either seek help from others or pray to papa Jay Crowe and maybe battleye will become less annoying.

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