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ArmA III Custom Face - Punished "Venom" Snake/Big Boss/Solid Snake


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Hello there random people, people I don't know and friends,


the more I play ArmA III with you guys here, the more I tend to pay attention to custom faces some people seem to have. I'd like to actually be one of them.


First, I'd like to ask if there's any good website you would recommend for such custom faces. I sadly didn't find any out there. All of them were for ArmA II and DayZ (from what I've seen, ArmA II and DayZ probably use the same template, just ArmA III is different)


Second, I'd like to ask if there's anyone skilled enough in Photoshop, or came across a particular ArmA III custom face of MGSV's Big Boss/Venom Snake or any other bearded Snake guy from other MGS games.

If someone's willing to hop on it in the Photoshop and not sure what to alter, I have some guidelines:

Big Boss's black shrapnel horn is a no-go, headband is optional (there more pictures without it - might be easier, BUT, hiding the border between end of hair area and start of bare forehead skin might (actually might as well not) be easier).


I'd be definitely very thankful for that.


Third, there's also another alternative, which is Robert Downey Jr in Tropic Thunder (my profile pic). This alternative would be the most hilarious one but might be the most difficult one as well


Thank you!



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with the marksman dlc you got 4 camo face in your profil just select one of them for the begin ;P


If you wont to use the tropical thunder pic ..i use paint.net its free got not everything but for me is good ..you got a magic stick you can select the hole face with one click

then save it set a new level inside of the arma pic ...blablabla look this videos say more then i can explain



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Also if you've seen a person in game with a face you like you can goto

C:\Users\*username*\AppData\Local\Arma 3\players


in that folder will be a list of folders with the name of every player that has ever been in any servers with you,

(wise to check this from time to time and clean it out cause it can get huge in mb overtime, especially if you server hop) 


in each of the player name folders you'll find a sound folder and a face, if those players have custom sound file or a custom face

you can then copy them out to your 

C:\Users\*USERNAME*\Documents\ArmA 3 folder


you can only have 1x custom face.jpg but if you name them face1.jpg face2.jpg etc... etc...

you can have a collection and just rename them to face.jpg when you want to change out (requires game restart).

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