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ban for no reason


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i played arma 3 #1  ahoy server


and i got unlaky two times in the game

one of the was when i drived over a guy by accident and got a kick

the secend was when two guys wanted me to explode them and their broken helicopter with my RPG

but somehow the shot killed one of them and the heli did not got any damage (i realy dont know how)

the second guy  just killed himself


i got ban for a dew days,but im inecent,REALY,SWEAR


i realy like this server and im not a troll,i realy like team work



please help,this is the only way to get contact




Ingame Name:Snir


Why do you think you were banned?: i have done two  accidents, in one of them the guys asked me to explode

them with the broken helicopter


Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted?*:becus im a good guy,likes the server and i dont  meant to do that.

admins bannded me without even hear whats  happned

i dont think i need to get a ban becus of accidents



Which administrator banned you (ArmA 3 only)?: PERO (i think)




When were you banned?*:  30 october 2015   i dont know the uropian hour

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Unless you can provide the name of the person that asked you to blow their chopper up, we only have your side of the story to go on.


Should you be able to provide the player's name and we are able to confirm it was a case of mis-communication before the 3 day ban is up we will remove it early. Aside from that happening the decision will stand.

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i dont remrmber the name.

but i know that its happnening alot on the server and when heli got broken without option to repiar it-we need to explode it to let new heli spawn in the base.

in this case(and this happening sometimes to)  that two guys wannted to respawn.

yea they  could just press "respawn"  bus i dont know why they wannted to respawn with the heli.


so its not the only time somthing like that happening on the server.

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First of all, you weren`t ban for no reason. I had given you a warning to stop messing around outside base, randomly firing hunter HMG gun, your pistol and main weapon. After running the first guy over, I did tell you I`ll kick you for it and I did.


As of the second incident, I don`t remember any chat indicating you had to blow the helicopter up (I checked both side channel and the whole chat in RCON tool). You should know you are not allowed to destroy any assets without announcing that in the main chat channels and clearing it out with the pilot first. As I have stated many times in the past, pilots should carry their own explosives and take care of the helicopters. Even of you are asked to blow it up, always check if anyone is in the vehicle or blast area.


I will consult our main staff member (Danny) about the lenght of the ban and we`ll get back to you soon.

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sorry. im new for this game

the pilot wannted me to explode him too,next time i will say no.

i have mesed around with my gun & jeep becus i was so exsited about this game- i wanted to test the cool tracers for this gun.


im not talking so much in the chat,im talking with vertran pepoles that helping me,in group chat.

and im using direct channel & vehicle channel as well.


anyways,im not a troll.

i want to help anibody in the server as much as i can.

i didnt wanted to make any harm to my friends on the server.

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Based on what I've read and heard from people involved I have decided the ban will remain, however it will be shortened from 3 days and can be removed after Midnight tonight (Saturday), GMT time.


i have mesed around with my gun & jeep becus i was so exsited about this game- i wanted to test the cool tracers for this gun.


In regards to this, please DO NOT test game features on our servers. You are perfectly able to test any feature in Single Player mode.

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