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Ahoy to everyone :-)


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Hi guys ,

i am MajorGoliathus from Germany and my buddis call me Micha . In English it would be like Mike or Mikel ;-)

I´ve played allready a lot of Arma .

Exile , Wasteland , Altis Life , Arma Life but never with this Missions with wrecking tons of AI :-P

I am a very hugh Fan from Luetin so i can say he brought me here :-)

I just looked in the Browser on your Servers and i think i will play on EU1 so far .

What i really like in Arma is blowing shit up with the Hellcat or just Taxi people arround in a Chopper and i´ve spend multible hundert Hours of sitting in choppers as pilot so i may hope i can do this here as well so i have a question on that : Are the Pilot slots free or are they kind of Whitelisted ? Ive not tryed them out yet cause i need to Re-install my Arma so would be nice if some1 could tell me that :-)


Btw a good morning to everyone reading this :-) best greetz : Major


(sry if my English skills somehow confused anyone while reading this :-P )

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