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[EXILE] Need help installing it


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Hey guys,


I am probably missing something here but I have a quick question:

To play Exile I need to download the mod, correct? Now am I supposed to download the A3 Launcher and get the mod from there or download it manually?

And if I download it manually, where do I insert the file? 



Thanks in advance,





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Download it manually, save the ZIP file somewhere on your hard drive.


Where to place it? Depends how are you starting up your game. If you wish to use Arma3Sync, place is where your mods are saved downloaded through that. Create a new profile in Arma3Sync, name it Exile. In Addon Groups tab, create group, call it Exile. Drag Exile mod from the left window into the right one. Tick your Addon group called Exile.


You can also use Arma 3`s own Launcher. Paste the @Exile mod in the main Arma directory and use Arma launcher to launch the game with the mod.

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