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Pilots able to fly jets

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I have a very fast question here and this is probably the wrong place to post this ( No clue where to post this ) But is there a way I could have it so that only they pilot slots would be bale to fly jets? As it stands now everyone can fly them and I would only want the pilot slots flying them. If anyone could help me out that would be great! Thanks and have a nice day! 



Just a FYI This is my first time setting up this game mode for Arma 3.

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Are you asking this question referring to the Invade&Annex or are you creating a new mission?

I'm referring to the Invade & Annex Mission, Because like I said in my first post, Anyone can pilot jets And attack heli's ( Just figured out about the attack heli's ) And I want only the Pilot slots able to fly them.


I also should point out that I'm using the co50_AW_Invade_&_Annex_2_65b.Altis Mission.

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