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Cristian - Teamspeak ban


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1. Ingame name: Cristian

2. Why do you think you where banned: some time ago, maybe 1 or 2 weeks i was played on the mooded server and I was a gunner into a helicopter. On the site of the landing was enemy forces and also our forces, getting off from the heli. The helicopter take off, after releasing our troops and it seems to me that enemy forces attack our forces, unfortunate I've opened fire on our ground team. It was pure ACCIDENTALY. But I think it was to far ago in time this event, anyway for a correct behaviour I have mention it.

Also I remember that in time I saw another player with my exact nickname (in the game) maybe the administrator made a mistake and banned me instead of the correct person.

3. Why in your personal opinion should your ban be lifted: I never teamkill ON PURPOSE and I think I am a valuable very very serious player (45 years old...),

4. Which administrator banned you: I have no ideea

5. When were you banned: I think on 28.08.2015, i was on "peter" chanel... (used like a lobby), I saw a brief message but i do not remember what was it.


I have tried to connect to the ts.ahoyworld.co.uk, as usual,  and the following message apears:

"You are banned permanently. Reason "do not unban"

I am not a native English speaker, also I am a player of Arma series from "Arma armed assault" (Arma 1), also in real life a structural engineer with this hobby (Arma series)

Looking forward to play on the mooded server

Have a nice evening

Truly yours

B.S. Eng. C. Radulescu

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