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Project Cars Summer League Race 2 Results!


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Quick summary of race 2!
First off we had this cockup:

The race results are as follows:

1st. Muckduck  30 Points (fastest lap)
2nd. xOderusUrungusX  18 Points
3rd. Danny  15 Points
4th. Duffyman  12 Points
5th. Christiansen  10 Points
6th. Dingo  8 Points
7th. Josh  6 Points
8th. Zissou  4 Points
This leaves the current league top 10 at:
The stream from my perspective can be seen here:


All in all, great racing (not just because I won!) Looking forward to Watkins Glen!


Also there is a hub for all the project cars league info here: http://www.ahoyworld.co.uk/projectcars.html

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<blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="xOderusUrungusX" data-cid="26322" data-time="1437423219"><p>

This race should have an exclamation next to it. I take pole and am leading, but somebody forgot to set the right amount of laps. Have to restart. Start in 4th. Screwed out of my pole and lead.</p></blockquote>

I gave you the option to use lap 1 as an outlap but you said no ;)

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