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F.J. - aka - dachrinne


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Ingame Name: F.J.

Why do you think you were banned?:

I was banned because I forgot about the most important in COOP, .... don't drive/run/fly around lonely.
I was start acting, like this was a singleplayer game.
I was erasing information on the map, that was useful for others in my rush of loneliness.
I accidentally drove over somebody with a Jeep.

Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted?*:

There is no excuse for my behavior. The ban really hit's me, because I'm looking forward to a nice gaming experience.
So got kinda shocked that i can annoy players without TK, and laming round, but simply with my non participation to the type of game ....

1) So I'm quite new to ARMA3, so when i want to test out features and stuff or simplay drive along the street, I will do this in Singleplayer or
a empty server - not on a coop game.

2) I will not block up a slot, and never think again that information on the map is old/useless!!

3) I will leave server when i get unfocused or tired so i dont annoy other players with my behaviour.

Which administrator banned you?:

When were you banned?*:
In the last hour, playing on annex coop #1 EU -26.03.2015 ~3PM

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A "rush of loneliness" as you put it should have you looking for acceptance of others not lead you to fire on friendly choppers with a Hunter_HMG which is the offence you were reported and banned for. 


As you have taken the time and effort to appeal this ban (On this occasion)  the ban will be lifted,

Next time you may not be so lucky.


Ban lifted,


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