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Arma 3 interview @ PCPerspective


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here are some parts wich i found intresting the rest can be found at http://www.pcper.com/reviews/Editorial/Interview-Bohemia-Interactive-ArmA-3-Developer-Expansion-Optimization-Roadmap :



PC Perspective: A new terrain is mentioned - what can you tell us about this new terrain?

VAN ‘T LAND: Very little at the moment; your readers will need to wait a while longer. We can say that progress has been good, and the terrain is looking better and better every day. It's feeling fresh and contrasts the existing Altis and Stratis terrains. In terms of production, the environment team has sculpted the height map, determined key points, and even installed many placeholder objects.


So the new terain should a good contrast on Altis and Stratis.


PC Perspective: When will Bohemia Interactive make ArmA 3 multi-core / multi-threaded? Will ArmA 3 support all 8 cores on a CPU?

VAN ‘T LAND: “Being multi-core” is a bit too simplified in our opinion. We do use multiple cores and threads for various parts of the simulation. The load changes with scene complexity, use of AI, inclusion of multiple players, and complex settings. The distribution could be better (and you need to use command-line parameter -enableHT to use more than 4 cores). Our new engine (not for Arma 3) will likely use more modern approaches and handle advanced hardware more efficiently. Meanwhile, we'll continue to see how we can improve Arma 3's performance on various kinds of hardware.


And an new engine ? well hope we get it with arma 4 :P

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