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Guidelines for Spartans


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As you know some of our members have access to the zeus features we ask them to follow these guidelines and use their zeus powers responsibly.

  1. The most important thing to consider when using zeus is, not to have a negative impact on the server and that should be your overriding concern while playing as zeus.
  2. If you know you’re going to be playing as zeus pick a spot that isn’t sought after you will after all be not active as a blufor player. Anything with restricted weapons or roles, pilots, AT or sniper.
  3. While your creation may not cause a drop in performance at the time it will cost the server performance in the long run. Your aim is to add to the enjoyment of the server as a whole while keeping your spawn creations at an absolute minimum to achieve that.
  4. Objectives don’t work don’t use them.
  5. A pop up saying there’s a Zeus mission doesn’t add to the mission just type in chat, players who don’t read chat probably won’t get involved in you mission anyway.
  6. Go easy on the fluff and focus on the core of what you’re trying to do altis is pretty enough already without any help from zeus.
  7. Your position as Spartan is not permanent and will be revoked if you cause server issues whether mentioned here or not. A good tip is to use the precautionary principle if you don’t know if it’s going to do harm or good don’t do it.
  8. Try and think where all the sand bags are around spawn? You don’t know where all the vics are parked? No that’s because nobody will notice! You don’t need to build elaborate structures.
  10. CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF!! Dont’ leave the remains of a mission or random zeus objects lying about if they’re not in use delete them.
  11. Remember most players don’t expect a zeus mission so if they don’t want to do it that’s okay let them play how they want to play. And try not to exclude players either don’t say you need to be on ts if you want to play EU1 is about everyone joining in.
  12. Don’t give gifts. Just because your friend wants a tank don’t give him one. But by the same token help a player out e.g. driven from one end of the map to another in a marshal and arma decides to break it you can give him a replacement.
  13. Go easy on lightning.
  14. Don’t mess with time acceleration or weather.
  15. Try and use existing units rather than spawning in your own e.g. make the ao more exciting by changing up how the AI reacts maybe take control a guy wait for bluefor to move past then engage.
  16. If you are planning on building a big zeus mission see if there’s an admin around because it quite possible that you’ll have server issues. Be aware of what they’re up to if they’re engrossed in a gamenight on EU3 they will not appreciate being poked because you broke the server.
  17. Your mission should you choose to accept it is to accept this mission!
  18. You need to be on TS while using Zeus.
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That sounds pretty good Ziss, infact I thought I'd leave my opinions on each regulation here for all to see. Constructive feedback kind of thing.

1.Thumbs up


3.While sometimes, large structures can be really cool, in the middle of AOs they really hurt performance. Earlier today I tried a mission using a sciencey-dome thing in the middle of the AO, something about sabotaging a CSAT research project. The mission went okay but because there was so much stuff in the area plus guard infantry PLUS the entire AO on top of that, frames were nasty.

However, on the other hand, one of my favourite missions that seems to go down very well is stuff regarding an offshore oil rig. Although these involve multiple large parts, the nature of the terrain around it being so abundant seems to make the frames about the same as anywhere else on Altis. The final call is down to you guys as admins of course, I'm just offering my limited experience and what I know.


4. This is a REALLY confusing issue, seeing as my experience with objectives has been really mixed. Though with more testing there may be a comprimise here, now isn't the time to test it. So for now at least, this seems good.

5.From my experience, using 'Modules > Scenario Flow > Briefing' has no impact at all and alerts people who are interested. I know for a fact that some people get so tired of the ramble in side chat that they completely ignore it, one being myself. While there may be a better solution to this, I don't believe (personally) that using side chat is the answer.

6.A couple of aesthetics don't hurt but I agree we aren't trying to make a 3D Monet.




9.LOL! But yes, of course




11.I really get this one. Tonight the guy who took lead of the Zeus mission essentially declared that it was join TS of f*** off. While that person will remain nameless, because he's a really nice guy and didn't do anything wrong really, I totally get that the core values of EU#1 are to get everyone having fun, TS or not.

12.Sometimes this is justifiable, like the example you said. Otherwise yep, agreed.




14.Yep. Although I would ask, does this include time advancement (so skipping it to night-time if say, for instance, people are saying they want night-time in chat)

15.Yep. I personally have a lot of fun remote controlling the AI and flanking with them so that the players don't see them coming. Although I usually deliberately miss so that nobody dies, it gives them a shock!

16.That's a very good idea, I like it.


17.Mission accepted, solider!


I don't really hold any views on this as I totally understand that it's you guys who make the rules. It's your server, you pay for it, so you tell me what to do. I'm just offering my insight based on fairly limited experience (bear that in mind, someone like Pancake is likely to know better than me)


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