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Helicopters DLC and time of day



Hi all. Got a couple of things here.

As we Know the Helicopters DLC is out. Is there any plans to introduce the new helicopters into the server? I don't know if you guys have any plans for testing and what limitations there are for those that do not have it?

Also, something else that does bug me a little bit. I noticed that about 99% of the time I log in to play it's day time and clear weather. I'm guesing the weather factor is so it runs smoothly. It would be nicer though maybe if the time of day was a bit more random?

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As Mach said the weather thing is being worked on.


As for the helicopters, there has been a Huron in the game from the moment it was released yesterday evening. The other helicopter has not been added in by default as there is not really a purpose for it, however some admins or Zeus Spartans may spawn them in on the fly if they feel it would add to a certain element of game play.


In regards to people not having the DLC, a Mohawk has been left in so that pilots without the DLC can still fly large transport. BIS made clear that people without the helicopters are still able to ride in them. 

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