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Help with AW mods


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Hi, I am completely new to Arma so a bit green.

I followed the instructions and loaded the Official add-ons then I tried the TFAR installation but it was not there so I loaded TFAR from the modded repository and installed in into TeamSpeak, silly me.


I think the instructions for TFAR are out of date as there was no two files in the userconfig to copy only  an HPP file.


Starting up arma and it failed as the last mod "@VTS WeaponResting" had a problem witch I understand is be course it is out of date.


Deselected this mod  and Arma was OK in single player but on trying to go on AW E1 I had load of key missing errors.


Rereading on the addon pages it seems I was silly as the modded   files can only be used on AW E3. No mix and match.


Removed TFAR and @VTS Weapon Resting from the start-up list and I now joined AW E1 ok except I get this one error when starting Arma and when joining Sever.


No Entry Bin\....../Single.StandardSound.  


Edit.... Tracked it down to the @SpeadofSoundV2 Mod.

Another Edit.... I don't think I need this if I have the JSRS sound mod loaded.


I think the instructions should make it clear that TFAR is for the modded servers only.

I note, copy past does not work on this forum, well not for me.


Hope this is clear.


Thanks in advance



Just a note I tried going on another server (Not AW) and just got kicked. Silly me again

I had to load the addons one at a time as it would fail if selecting all.

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Hey Colin, welcome to AhoyWorld!


I'm glad you got the mods working in the end! :D


In regards to making it clear, as far as I am aware, the guide states at the very top that "Modded server addons" will only work in EU #3. This is why we have two separate repositories, so that it makes it easy for people to know which mod set they need for each server. This is all assuming of course that you used the installation guide which is linked on the front page. 

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Hi Danny


I think I missed that bit in the rush to install or the penny did not drop.

Impatient, as I do not know how to use TeamSpeak on E1 and thought I needed TFAR . 


I learn by my mistakes, sometimes.

I still don't no how to use TeamSpeak on E1 as I don't seem to hear many people talking on AW server so assumed they was using TeamSpeak.

Other Invade & Annex servers seem OK as they seem to use VON

This is all new to me as I have not played games on PC since OFP days (I still have the gold addition ) , been on XBOX



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There is no specific way to use Teamspeak on EU #1. Simply join the Teamspeak server when you want and speak to people normally. 


Our Teamspeak server is not just for Arma. It is for whenever people want to come on and hang out with other members of the community. Think of it as a virtual bar, where you go to talk to friends or meet new ones. 


EU #3 is the only server which utilises Teamspeak for a mod.

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Thanks Danny


I have looked before on TeamSpeak for the E1 Server but no one seems to use it on E1 E2 but I see many using it on E3 with task force radio.

The create squad button seems to do nothing, now I cannot connect to your TeamSpeak server as it is full.


Still, I had a game today but now I have problems telling friend from foe at distant so I may have team killed, I think its something to do with the ShackTack mod stopping friendly names showing at distance.

Lots to learn.


Thanks again for your help

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Yeah, unfortunately we don't get as many people using Teamspeak on the official servers as we'd like but maybe things will change in the future!


The Teamspeak full thing is a temporary issue, we had some license issues and so we're currently limited to 32 slots, hoping to get that resolved asap!


Of course I would ask that you take as much care as possible in regards to teamkilling. If you're not sure if somebody is enemy or friendly you can usually figure it out by using the map. I'd hate to have to come and kick you because people reported you for teamkilling ;) Haha


Have fun!

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