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Scripter in EU1


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So there has been some kind of scripter (I believe) but there also has been rumours going around that someone is messing around with Zeus, so I'm not sure. But either way its completely messing the server up, like exploding the whole base, removing the objects, even teleporting completely everyone to same location and killing them. It's so annoying that it cannot be playable at all. Like I just want to come on the server, have some good time and whatnot. But this is just chaos. I hope some main admins could take care of this problem if it hasn't been brought to your attention already.


Hope its the right place to post this, as I have no idea where else to post this.

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We've been dealing with it all evening, don't worry.


Oh.. and we just nailed him ;)


Unfortunately in a hack, there's no way to identify who it is unless it stops at the exact moment you kick somebody. The only way to find who is by comparing the player list with a previous hack(s) and people who are not moving (could be typing).


We do our best. Maybe if we can get every single player to run due north in the event of a hack we can narrow it down to the only one not moving? Sounds great apart from how do we convince everyone to do it?

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