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  1. Oh my, AhoyWorld became regimental. Never thought I'd see the day. This is where the road forks i guess. Time to move on to other communities. GG.
  2. Ingame Name*: Sir Dildor Why do you think you were banned?: 10mm automatic discharge in base with an MP5/10 Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted?*: I believe a map change was inbound and I was doing the celebratory gunfire. Thankfully no one was hurt apart from possible avian casualties which may have been inflicted to which I apologize for profusely and I pledge never to discharge in base again which is a breach of base perimeter regulations. Which administrator banned you (ArmA 3 only)?: It was Raz ( I fired over his head, or your head if you are reading this, while he was looking at the ground doing his map change thing) When were you banned?*: It was a fine evening on the 6th of September at approx 6:00 PM [uTC+3 time].
  3. yea but with RC6 (plain) we're still crashing out Hopefully waiting for a fix
  4. CBA RC6 is causing game freezes and there is a hotfix out which corrects this but the server is not using it. Also can we swap the broken AGM with a pre release build of ACE3 ? inb4 get a mic
  5. Nice, how are you making the textures? Do you own a Thompson IRL?
  6. Terrible desync on EU1 since the marksmen update came out, sometimes ping will just go out of control and start randomly kicking people. Server optimization broken by bohemia again?
  7. It was removed because there were sooo many variants of one gun that was not needed and that caused performance issues and made VAS or VA to go bonkers. But dont worry, RHS is catching up. SR-25s have been added, so you can expect more to come. Personally i dont care much about weapon textures since I usually get shot before I mire 'em innawoods.
  8. Can't beat my Ainsley squad logo. Ainsley wills it.
  9. I believe that's called orientation. An interview would be asking in detail about his previous arma experience, understanding of military maneuvers, doctrines, weaponry, logistics blah blah blah which is just a bore.
  10. Shuts in february? That's a bit disappointing anyway, but yeah I guess it would be for the better
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