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what's with the AI Jet and Kajman lately ?


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anyone else notice that the enemy CAS is really aggressive  these days ?


it used make a pass at a target and if it failed (not that it fails these days with it's infinite missiles) 


it used to rotate onto a new target for next pass...  Now it chases you down like a rabid dog !!


and the Kajman... wow,  talk about laser guided lock-on bullets ... it NEVER misses !


I mean a Decent gunner can lead his target a bit but bloody hell this guy has a fricking laser beam for eyes !


so .. how are you supposed to shake either of them from your tail ?


low flying, fast flying, going behind mountains ... nothing loses them or mitigates the risk..


Don't get me wrong I REALLY appreciate a challenge to flying .. otherwise it'd be well boring! ...  but these no challenge here, it's just murder.

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I actually have to agree on this, from what I have seen its been behaving really weird. They used to patrol the AO and maybe take a shot at incoming helicopters.

Now the CAS flys around 10-12km radius and literally hunts and kills anything it sees, including ground targets.


For eg me and my guys spent 10 minutes driving to an AO and then just as we were arriving the CAS flew over and 1 shotted 2 of our targets.


the Kajman I find is behaving just as it always has - shooting you at about 2km distance before youve even seen it - so no change there

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It might be a zeus online playing with it allot?


I saw some ppl on the server saying this too. But what they dont realise is that CAS generated by the radio towers cannot be controlled by Zeus. Ground troops and forces spawned by the AO including the Kajman can be, but the Neophrans that are generated post AO spawn cant be controlled.


Zeus can spawn extra jets and take control of them, but if its a genuine enemy CAS unit it cant be controlled by Zeus.


I feel like repeated myself a lot there but XD there we go lol

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From what is described it doesn't sound like player behaviour, it's far too consistent


And far too accurate ...  even Zeus misses the occassional lightning bolt !


and now I need to watch my back ...  damn

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