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Looking for a Dedicated Squad.


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So, here's the deal, I've been messing around squad leading and such and I'm really impressed by how the Arma engine supports different play-styles, so now I'm looking for more.


What I want is a crack team who communicate well and complete objectives tactically and innovatively, this means that you'll need to have teamspeak and unfortunately be available in evenings BST because, guess what? I live in england!


Anyway Here's what I'm Looking for, (bearing in mind that the squad could expand and incorporate several squads but that is in the future)


1: Medic -:- Lone (Squad lead)

2: Medic -:-

3: Rifleman -:-

4: Demolitions -:-

5: AT -:-

6: AT -:-

7: Pilot -:-


Obviously people can swap around within this squad and I don't presume to always on point but this is a preliminary set out.


If you have any questions Leave them below and thanks for taking the time to read this far.


See you on the Battlefield



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im in a dutch (NL) milsim squad but cant help you there we only accept dutch/belgium ppl

anyway you should google for "arma 3 milsim squad" or something like it

there are plenty of squads out there just make sure you dont play with 50+ players against 2 enemy ai soldiers

the good ones are organized with teamspeak and acre/taskforceradio with weekly trainings for newbie's


good luck finding a squad

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