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Pvt. Jack [CLOSED]

Pvt. Jack

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Ingame Name: it was Brian B but now its [71st] Pvt.Jack

Why do you think you were banned?: i teamkilled and eksploded transport helis

Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted? it was a long time ago.. i really liked ur server but got bored and got stupid. i will promise that i wont do anything thats against the rules and i regreat the stuff i did.

Which administrator banned you?: i dont know

When were you banned?: dont remember but its a while ago

Your player UID (this is available in player settings): 76561198021907259

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Hi Pvt. Jack


Can't see any record of your name(s) or ID in the files,

are you sure you were banned form AhoyWorld.co.uk servers and not from another server running a version of I&A??

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Hey Jack,


You are at the right place. And It would be me who banned you on 27th of februari this year.


I'm happy to give you another chance, the last one. So if you break your promise and go on a teamkillingspree again you won't be allowed back on.


So play fair, watch your fire and if you get bored leave before you kill a friendly.

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