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Hai all

Denis P

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So where do I start? (I already know this and I decided to write it just to make my thread seem interesting). Well I can tell you about me and my mind-blowing (gunwise) hobbies! :D


My name is Denis and I am a  17 year-old Polish-Norwegian gamer/guitar player/vocalist that moved from console-gaming to pc-gaming earlier this year (I still play on console, though). I did play a few sessions on your server before with the username "DPletion", though I decided not to use it anymore because it didn't exactly sound like the name of someone going to war (I still use it as my Steam username). As such, I am now using my real-life name, minus the full last name. As I've only played for a few months, you could call me a noob, though I am quick to learn from both others and from my own experiences/mistakes.


I'm not much into sport, though my favorite sports are boxing and volleyball (I am currently looking into starting in a boxing club). My favourite music genre is rock, and just about every sub-genre that comes with it, though there are some I prefer over others. I like comedy and action films/series as well.


I think that's about it. Feel free to post! (Or ignore this thread completely). :(

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