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Star Citizen - Dog Fight Module, (Released) post your experiences so far :)


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So with the release of the Dog Fight Module, what are your thoughts so far :)


My questions are

  1. Who has or is intending to get it?
  2. If you've pledged what ship(s) have you got?
  3. What access have you got with your pack (Alpha, Beta passes etc)

And a general question 

     4. Will we be creating an AW Organization?




I'll Start 

  1. Ship - Aurora LN and plan to pick up either an Avenger, Hornet or Cutlass too
  2. I have alpha & beta access, and starting Hanger is Discount, & 3 months Insurance, When I get either of the other 2 I'll have the Business Hanger



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Already pledged for my freelancer. May well get a hornet or a 325a for the more dogfight-y stuff. Got both alpha and beta, along with a few cool physical items like a collector's box that i'm assuming will ship once the full game releases, got my business hangar too.


I don't know if I'd be able to join an AW group, I already pretty much promised to join a group of friends I made on EVE, so there's that.


Lookin' forward to the dogfighting module though, especially after seeing the PAX footage.

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Cheapest ship pack is about €25 but no alpha or beta access, dog fight access is then €5.99

I think the cheapest pledge packs with alpha and beta are €35 / €40 these include dog fight access (alpha), hanger and 3 month ship insurance when game goes full release

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All depends on how much you want to spend really, or what you intend to do in game too.


The Aurora LN is the probably best entry level @ €36 / £29 / $45 - has cargo and extra weapon hard points over the other Aurora's


The Avenger & 325A would be the best next level @ €60 & €64


Then either the Cutlass or Hornet @ €90 to €100 each

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FYI, announced on the weekend 

the Single player modules will go live 29/5/14 along with Multiplayer on a drip feed by user id number 


I'm in the 450,000's something so will be a while before I see any online action me thinks but cant wait to try out the ships properly in game :)

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Bagged a Freelancer and SuperHornet with LTI 


have alpha and beta access


Made one organisation already but now you can join multiple groups

yes im willing to help get an AW group developed

This game cannot come soon enough!!! 

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I dont know, as of now the thing that fits in the bay is the p-52 snub nose, i dont know the specs of that, but i think it wont fit.




EDIT: In my head it should be possible to retrofit the p-51 as a recon\stealthy ship as its really small so going by "radar-cross section" it should be hard to detect as off its small size. And also the F7-s is about twice as big and double the weight.

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Can you edit the organisation name to be AhoyWorld Space Agency (AWSA) keep it in line with the Kerbal section and once we see how many are interested we can merge this over to that section of the forums ;)

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Release delayed due to blocker bugs,

Bummer game was due to launch at 4pm PST but they have delayed due to 2x crashes related to dx issues, in the Vandual Storm scenario,

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you'll be able to cook that popcorn on the burning melted gooy mess left behind from the exploding servers :D

Haven't been in the Hanger in a month, so thought I'd do a little vid to quell the wait for Arena (Didn't help) :)


Also does anyone else think the characters are dead behind the eyes like a Shark??



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Could you guys help me clear up some information about this game? I've googled it already, but I can not find the answer to some of my questions, with the info being available being very confusing.


1) What is the payment plan for this game? Is it F2P, pay once play forever or a monthly subscription fee like EVE? Google-ing this said it was pay once..., but in the store there are subscription packages available.


2) What does ordering a ship now offer from say, buying it in-game? Is that even possible? Or will these ships that are up for grabs now be OP?


3) Why are these ships so (relatively) expensive?


(sorry if my incompentence offends you)


EDIT: it seems like a really really interesting game, but also very expensive. Don't know if I am willing to spend so much money on a game.

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1. I think they call it free to play but technically without a ship you'd have no way to get around or earn a living unless you were going to bum around living and working on a friends large vessel 

so It's pay once, (your first ship) is access to the game, minimum is about $30 for a basic Aurora and game access at Full release, or $36 - $40 for beta access & some content

there are optional subscriptions if you would like to contribute to the development that start at $10 per month, gives you access to contributor content, and a monthly fanzine type thing

if you start with the say $30 ship you can still get every other ship in game free just by playing, be it by pirating and boarding other players craft or finding adrift / hidden through the verse


2.Getting a ship now gives you access to alpha(Closed) / Beta along with some in game credits and insurance for your ship (Depends on cost how long that is valid for)

they will be no different from in game once it launches


3.Sort of linked to 2, buying now gives extra access & cool stuff, later on the credit & insurance might not be applicable or cost extra, also each model has different attributes 

for example the base Aurora doesn't has a jump drive if I recall where as the next one up does, the base one can be upgraded but will cost the credits to get it up to that level or you could earn the upgrade by doing missions etc in game??

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