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Welcome aboard,________________ New User,*


I Believe I may had had the pleasure of ____________________________________

Transporting you successfully / flown into a mountain and killed you and the entire crew**


If you would like to _______________________

Leave some words of thanks / complain to the management***,

please feel free to use form BS179 in triplicate and deliver HARD COPY ONLY**** to the named recipient or his mother.


We'd like to take this time to __________________________ Welcome you / Mock you incessantly, *****

and wish you a safe and pleasant team-killing experience!


* please complete as necessary, unless your name is NEW USER, in this case please report to a moderator for summary termination.

** please delete as applicable, in CAPS and black ink, with an appropriate quantity of exclamation points (i.e. !!!!1!!11!eleven!!)

*** The management do not care, please report for summary termination

**** The Management do not accept any electronic forms of communication, please report with form BS187a in person, for summary termination.

***** Have a nice day ! ... please report for summary termination

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