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[Suggestion] Opfor Spetsnaz


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The current artificial intelligence isnt particularly bright, so i have few suggestions on altered gameplay for OPFOR.



My first suggestion is "Spetsnaz". Small player group (maybe around 5 players) with their own small outpost for equipping, with sole purpose to sabotage bluefor teams attacks on AO's and side missions and if they attempt to enter certain radious of bluefor base they die. They could potentially have teleport pole to enter AO's quicker as paratroopers, which costs them lack of backpack or simply use unarmed ORCA to travel, which can be spotted and shotdown by bluefor.



My second suggestion is "Command" for the OPFOR. I dont know how exactly the large scale command works with the AI, but if possible have an command seat for admins only to coordinate the AI's defenses and assaults.


My third suggestion is to have patrol routes for some of the opfor units at the missions. The opposition tends to be idle until they hear gunshots nearby.



The first suggestion is something i think might change the gameplay a bit and wont make them game pvp centric and if possible have player limit restriction before Spetsnaz players can deploy, so server has time to fill before facing minor pvp.

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Re the enemy waypoint issue for some of the fireteams


I think Jester has fixed that for next release




Spetznaz human enemy would be cool, but any sort of human opposition would create havoc with the mission.


ie. assume enemy has command of 100+ OPFOR and there are only 10 human players on the server ...



there is some merit to having an admin-only MCC-like tool whereby a responsible admin, when on, could spice up the missions abit.



the new EOS tool in use opens the possibility for lots of small random encounters around Altis, im sure the AW Dev team have some ideas.

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