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Met this guy in Cheltenham Barber Shop...


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So one of you guys made a shameless plug for this website in the barber shop I was in today in Cheltenham so I thought I'd check it out.

Looks like a great site, looking forward to seeing what it has to offer. I'm playing a lot of Day Z and BF3 right now, also looking forward to playing the new TF2 updates and Guild Wars 2.

To be honest though what I'm waiting for most of all right now is Planetside 2....


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That was me I'm afraid and, though I said it was a shameless plug, shame was definitely present. :P

Good choices on the games, my lad! We don't have a Day Z server, but we just put up an ArmA II: CO server tonight! I'll definitely be grabbing Guild Wars 2 (so will Samuel, I believe), though I haven't pre-ordered it yet. Hmm...

And Planetside 2! Never played the first but was always intrigued by the concept. Checking out the website it looks like a TF2 / Halo / Battlefield 2142 cross-over! Sounds good in my books!

Hope to see you around and about m'lad. There's usually a good few of us with our arses on TeamSpeak if you ever fancy a chat!

Oh and aye, welcome to Ahoy World. :)

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