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Broken TrackIR


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i had a question, 

my TrackIR broke and i do not know a place were i can get it. 

i tried ebay and amazone but i didnt find anything for me since they all dont ship to The Netherlands. 

if you know a company who does can you link it for me. 


thank you. 

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I live in south america and bought my trakcIR on ebay, the seller was really cool, he even marked the package as gift and put a lower price on the papers so i paid less Custom taxes. This is the link where I bought it from, the shipping took some time but that was out of the seller or my control, other than that everything went perfect. Netherlands is in the shipping tab country list, so you should ask him he may ship it to your country.


I also taped my trackclippro, is not even broken but it looks so weak and loose, the design is pretty bad.

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