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Forcing Triggers to Repeat


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Hello y'all!


I've come across an issue... As the title says, I just cant get Triggers to repeat even with Repeatedly on.


Allow me to go more in-depth, I have a trigger set on repeatedly, it works when you leave the trigger zone and go back in. I don't want that to be the case, I want it to repeat even when the same unit that activated it is still in the trigger zone without leaving. I got the trigger set on Radio Command, but I still have to leave the trigger zone and go back in to call it again.

Anyone have ideas on what I can possibly do? I've searched for hours all over and still haven't found a solution for the situation I am in.

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So, I want to make the trigger repeat, its got repeatedly on. And as you know, Triggers have a trigger zone that will activate once a condition is met (player entering the trigger area).

Now, for this mission I'm making, You will NOT leave the zone, so the condition is ALWAYS met and until it's not met, it will not reactivate.

I'm just wondering if there's a way to 'trick' the trigger to restart when you execute the radio command (0-0-1). Because I'm trying to create a Strategic Map that can be called at will but because of radio commands never deactivate when its called... I want a way to deactivate it without deleting the trigger and thus giving me the option to use strategic map again.

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