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Clothes = Underwear


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When I wear certain uniforms or any civilian clothes, my friends tell me I'm wearing underwear. Is this a feature of the mod, to restrict players to specific uniforms, or is it a game bug? If it's not a bug, then I would make a suggestion: that only OPFOR uniforms are restricted, and civilian clothes e.t.c. are allowed. Because at the moment, I can never be sure that I'm not wearing underpants unless I'm wearing NATO uniforms, which makes the vast number of alternatives obsolete.

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AFAIK, we have it set that way so people aren't confused as to who is on what team. Considering we only play as BLUFOR, as long as people aren't wearing OPFOR, I'm fine with them wearing whatever as long as they're not in underwear. (the only reason people want to play as female characters)


If you call yourself a true ArmA fan, you would distinguish teammates from OPFOR with no problem.

I personally like the Independents clothing but we can't wear those either.

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