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[suggestion] Missile launchers semi-exploits


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Report: it is possible to carry 7-10 rockets/missiles in a row, allowing to beat the game without any problem.


As an example, you can use a RPG with 9 rockets or a Titan with 7 AP rockets.

The Titan is a launcher I love, but still. I think it's an exploit to stay at firebase-trenchfoot, with its ammo case providing perma ammo, and being able to shoot NPC groups at 6km on more than half of the possible objectives. At least, if you can do it, you should not be able to do it permanently.


Finally, for people saying Arma is a simulation (which I disagree but whatever), I think it is pretty hard to carry on 7+ rockets in a backpack ^^


Temporary ingame fix: remove the backpacks with the biggest capacity


Story: "As a player looking for an always more balanced game, I would like to be unable to snipe targets at range, with AOE weapons, on enemies that can not counterstrike"



-remove Titan launcher (hardest solution I guess)

-tweak ingame rocket "weight"

-remove biggest backpacks

-removing ammo cases from the game that are not on airbase



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I understand where you're coming from, and I'm sure this'll be tweaked to some extent in the future, but right now it's not really a big concern. Yes, you can sit on trenchfoot with only a titan and a backpack and webbing full of rockets, but to be honest, does anyone actually do this, besides to give their score a big shove upwards? It seems very boring. Especially on I&A currently, as it's only players versus AI. 

However, I seriously doubt anyone will 'exploit' this as much, because it's incredibly boring to do so.

I disagree, though, with your suggestion for the removal of all ammoboxes outside of the base (which I believe is only trenchfoot, but I could be wrong). They are incredibly useful for quick rearming when you're out in the field, and it makes sense for there to be ammoboxes at FOBs and other friendly encampments or emplacements, you get me?

I realize that a lot of people right now just grab the biggest pack and roll out with a Zafir and 20 boxes of 7.62 tracer goodness, but removing the largest packs is only detrimental to the overall I&A development. Especially for the more tactical aspects of gameplay, like our ACRE server. In the future I would hope that those with the biggest backpacks are those that actually need them, i.e ammo bearers, AT/AA and others, but I'm not too positive about that coming around in the public servers. In game night and ACRE, though? Definitely. There'll be more restrictions as we make it more realistic.

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