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I'm Smixy!
You can call me Smixy, Rooster, or MEDIC!!!!!

I uh...I do nothing but Recon Medic...
But I'm great at it!
Reliable too!
And yall need medics that give their life to save yah!

I'm sadly an American!
I am in a Arma Unit Called UKMOD (UK Ministry of Defence)
I like to use my mic when reviving yall, so I can make stupid jokes to keep up with the fun!

I also am a quote/unquote Content Creator, you know, like a million other people out there XD

Welp! Thanks for reading this, and if you've gotten this far, remember...

I ate your last donut! tehe!

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Hi @SmixyRooster ,Welcome to the Forums, if you haven't joined our discord yet it is worth checking out from the link on the Homepage for a chat or any support.  Have a read through the content here in the different sections, many members have various guide and posts relating to lots of aspects of play. Have seen you save a few on EU1 so I believe you about your medic skills. Hope to catch you server side!

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