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In-game name when banned: janul


What message displays when you attempt to connect? not playing your role/messing around


Why do you think you were banned? First. I joined the server, chose the pilot role and hopped into a CAS heli. I then went to escort a transport heli that was flying to main ao with a bunch of infantry. While we were flying I crashed into the hummingbird that I was escorting as I misread the distance between us. After the crash I wrote in chat that I just joined and was still a bit rusty. I Apologised for the whole situation and seconds later got a kick for wasting assets. That is not the situation Im reporting but i think it is worth mentioning. After the 200 sec timeout I joined the server again as pilot and continued playing. The situation I'd like to report happend after I entered a Hummingbird and flew it out of the hangar with one infantry personel that wanted to get transported to main ao (user name of the guy in my heli was "badl"). I got a message from admin: "janul?" so I responded with:"?" as I didnt know what he wanted from me. I landed on one of the heli pads outside spawn and as I was waiting for the person that had just spawned to get inside my Hummingbird I got an Admin Ban from Art3miZA for apparently "not playing my role and messing around". In my opinion, the admin thought I was just being afk on the heli pad but I was just waiting for more people to get inside the heli.


Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted? It was unfairly placed on me. In my eyes I have done nothing wrong, I had no warning before the ban. All I got was : "janul?" and seconds later I got banned.


Which administrator banned you (if known): Art3misZA


When were you banned: 23.04.2022 20:57 Polish time


What server were you banned from? Squad EU1

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