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Campaign Five [Rosche]


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Map: Rosche
Mission: ALiVE
Type: Guerilla warfare
Friendly faction: NATO Survivors (British, Slowenian, Estonian & Norwegian Army)
Enemy faction: Russian Armed Forces
Starting position: scattered
Starting date: 12/2019
Ending date: 02/2020

Status: Survived
"The Russian Armed Forces launched a surprise attack on the NATO-forces in Estonia which lead to the country falling into enemy hands with nearly all NATO-forces getting destroyed. Some survivors of the attack managed to regroup and organize a series of attacks on key positions of the enemy in the western regions while switching camps to stay undetected. This allowed the group to gain space to breath and recover supplies to ensure their survival. The fighting culminated in an attack on the western airfield in the area that allowed NATO to launch a counterattack. After securing the airfield the remaining survivors got extracted back to their respective countries to be treated there."


Impressions of the campaign (together with the respective playlist):


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