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Official Ahoy World Minecraft Server

John McClane

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Ahoy World


We finally got the Official Minecraft server back up and running. Note that this server is running mainly Vanilla. 


How can i join?


If you already haven't done so yet, please head to our website at www.ahoyworld.co.uk and register an account to be white listed. Its as simple as that.



What do you run on the server?

  • You can claim your own land
  • Chest Vault
  • Ahoy Coin integration. (You can get ahoy coins from posting on our forums. You can use these ahoy coins to buy items in minecraft. please check out our ahoy coin minecraft shop Here.



If you guys have any questions please send a PM To John McClane via the Ahoy world forums or im usually on teamspeak. 


Teamspeak info: ts.ahoyworld.co.uk

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Ummm, one question... why can someone open my chest even though they are not trusted?


John, my friend found you house and isnt trusted (he's new) and can open everything AND build? fix, fix, fix! Thanks! :)




Hmmm wierd, i can not open any chest aside my own, there are a few people close to me/spawn and for us the protection is working perfectly.

Are you sure the things (chests and the stuff he build) are inside the boundry's of your protected area ? You can check this by using the gold shovel inside your claimed land and the gold blocks that mark the boundry show up again.

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