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[Jun 16, 2012] Jack's Birthday! (Cheltenham, United Kingdom)


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We're going to be doing a huge meet-up in Oxford this year and everyone involved with Ahoy World is invited! We're not sure of the exact details right now (or even the date!) but be sure to get talking about it with us! We want to start organising this as quickly as soon as possible and make sure we can get as many people as we can down to Oxford for a brilliant day!

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I'll have to check prices and such. I see it's an over night thing, so will have to see if I could afford the pay for the night unless we know someone there who is letting us stay. Will do my best and would love to meet you all :)

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I'd just like to update this thread to keep everyone informed. This could well be a really nice little event and we're looking for everyone to come along! While the details still haven't been ironed out, we're getting closer and closer to the date!

So make a space on June 16th and try to organise some travel! The day will be pretty fluid so we'll just figure out what we want to do when we're all there to decide.

Please RSVP to this event and also to our Facebook event and I hope to be seeing you lot pretty damned soon!

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