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Procrastinating at work, writing this introduction


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Hi, I'm George. I'm a web application and hardware tester. I game, nerd out and race mounainboards in my spare time. Right now I should be running some test cases on a web application at work, but that's just got boring so instead I am writing this introduction.

At the moment I am without a PC at home :( I'm building a super high spec gaming rig at the end of the month :)

I'll be popping onto the forums and team speak server over the next couple of weeks and will be joining y'all in game once I've built my rig.

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I think I'll just buy it all over again, I can have all the discs in about 3-4 weeks. Then I think the summer holiday is in about 5-6 weeks so will be able to play over then :) Plus since they have changed everything it is probably best that I start from scratch again (not that I got that far or had anything great to start with) Will update when I get the discs so Ciaran knows when to send the request =p

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