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i need help in updating Invade&Annex


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Hello people
Recently i found one mission on workshop

it was an I&A mission

that was last updated in 2016

when i run the mission the AO`s starts jumping all around the map

What do i do?

and every new AO spawn i getting error message saying something about Bis_fnc_get_area
Please help me
i including PBO of this mission


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19 minutes ago, Shepard_0216 said:

that was last updated in 2016


since the last version you downloaded there has been quite some patches (changes of code/functions,DLC additions,etc.) by BI rendering version with outdated/old code useless




19 minutes ago, Shepard_0216 said:

What do i do?


easiest way to get hands on the (current) I+A 3.3.16 version is jumping on EU1# and downloading it via game,then extract from your MP mission cache and move from there.

Keep in mind AW is developing I+A 4 right now which will replace I+A 3 soon.


In addition,CSAT Conquest Invade+Annex doesnt sound like a stock AW release,more like some "eastern europe editor" customized the AW mission to his likings by adding CSATassets,troops,etc and maybe even included a mod to it.

In short,its a clusterfuck to weat out the specific error and get that mission to run.


Also,check in later if one of the code bois (@Ryko,@Stanhope) can help you out there more detailed.

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As scar said, it's best that you just get the latest version by joining our server and then you'll find the PBO for it at C:\Users\yourUser\AppData\Local\Arma 3. 


Then have a quick look at this topic:

If after that you still got issues let me know.

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