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In-game name when banned: CallMeTom

What message displays when you attempt to connect? CallMeTom/Racism/Mark T

Why do you think you were banned? I think I was banned for using racial slur or writing something harassing.

Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted? A lot of time passed since my failure as a normal being while playing a game. I thought about this from time to time and regretted it every time not because that's what I should do but because it always reminded me the childishness I showed in that particular moment. Because I know Solex is mostly the person who handles these appeals I will quote his response on my unsuccessful appeal a long time ago (which was as cringy as it gets):"Racism is never tolerated in any way or form on our servers, forum or voice channels.
It is simply unacceptable in a respectable community. "
When I read it back then I thought of it as just some bullshit rule which was just to bully people's "freedom of speech". Now I not only disagree with myself and that statement but also changed my view. Freedom of speech doesn't mean that I can harass and shit talk people. It means I've got a choice in what I say or type (This obviously doesn't apply only in-game but also IRL) and I've failed in this freedom by using it in a wrong way. So what is my conclusion ? I've finally realized what was so wrong with me and handling my childish acting. I've grasped a new view on this Ban.


To whoever evaluates this, This is my new view on the problem itself and if you want and have time read the old appeal. 

Which administrator banned you (if known): Mark T

When were you banned: I don't remember the exact date sorry. Should be half-year ago.

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Hello Vlad/CallMeTom,


Once again thank you for the appeal.


After the new appeal, I have come to the decison that I will allow you back in to Ahoyworld.

The things that you wrote were not pretty but I hold no grudges.


But make sure that you read and follow the rules of Ahoyworld.

Ban Appeal is succesful.

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