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Who's Better though?  

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    • PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
    • Fortnite

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an endless topic i know. but really, this has been a very controversial topic.l like COD and Battlefield, and now this. would love to hear your ideas guys (with proof of course)


i think the right way to compare between these games are in console, and since PUBG is only in xbox, the only way to compare between these game is in Xbox. i chose consoles since the majority of Fortnite players are in console. the kids at least :). comparing it in PC is absurd since PUBG will have the upper hand (CHINA). and yes china had consoles banned (until recently). to be honest china case in these game is something different. maybe another topic about that??. I believe in consoles, Fortnite wins, since its free, easy, not competitive, cartoonist, and has the element of creativity in terms of building. But in PC however, PUBG wins hand downs (i mean china number one right?) its more serious than fornite, cooperative, bit slower paced, and the adrenaline rush when you play it, feels good. Also i havnt mentioned that PUBG started in arma first then h1z1 then became a standalone game. and fornite just easily took the lights from PUBG. feels bad to be copied and be less popular.




# Players of PUBG in FEB 2018 {1,391,015.3} and the peak was { 2,934,761 }

# Players of Fortnite reaching 45 million




Steam Charts

My Logical Mind



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