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Ahoy AhoyWorld!


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Hi marthenil,

Good to have you here on the forums, I thought you Greek people didnt need a copy of Arma3, just stand on Stratus and BI will render you in :D

Anyway the good news is you can still join the fight as we only put a password on the server for the time being, the best way to get the most current password is to grab it off teamspeak as there is almost always someone around to help you out.


Grab your Teamspeak copy: HERE.

Connect to our server: HERE


For now i also dropped you the correct password in your PM. Make sure to restart your game BEFORE connecting in order to not infect the server.

See you in Greece i guess :)

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Yeah, i've come on TS once or twice whenever the server needed an admin :P

One thing i needed to ask, since the hack has a viral nature, what do I need to do in order to be sure I won't infect the server?

Thanks in advance :)

PS: I currently live on an island not unlike Limnos (Not Stratis, Stratis is way too small:P) that will be included on release, since my Uni is here.


EDIT: Oh nevermind, just saw your pm :)

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