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Greetings people !!!


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Hopped in here last night during that scary hack attack in Arma3, you guys seem like a decent bunch so I have reg'd and will tag along and see how it goes...


I'm a mature gamer of 40 something years and have been in FPS games dating way back to wolfenstein and doom


In Arma3 my pref is helo pilot, getting pretty good at it when the servers don't lag out... and apologies to those of you I crashed so unceremoniously in the first few attempts.... it did take a little getting used to .... be gentle is all I have to say!!!!


Your A3 server is my fave purely cos its always loaded, and what good is a helo pilot without a cargo of willing grunts to haul..!!!

I respond most willingly to LZ's marked with multicolour smoke but I will also happily drop in a hot LZ where you guys are in the deep doo-doo....


See you all out there !!!!


Oh and while I will use your TS for in game chat where possible, my gaming clan are also on it so that presents me with a bit of a conflict of interest... so please leave the in-game VoN active.... :P



Wolfski B)

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Hi Wolfski,


Happy to see someone that looks to share the same game-evolution as me :) Even-though we differ about 5yrs in age...


Enjoy yourself on the forum and once this server-hack mess clears-up a bit we will catch up in game for some epic game sessions !!

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