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Hi there!


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Hello, my name is Roman (har) and I am from Czech republic.

I am twenty five years old guy who spends many hours in front of computer each day aka work and free time.

My short list of hobbies consist of my dog, music, photography, stretching, working out, chillin', relaxin' and long walks to nowhere.


I am working as a Logistic "mastermind" in one foreign company that is doing business in my little country.


I was in search of some group or community to play with - to be honest, I was getting lost in objectives and didn't know what to do and so forth.


I must give a shout out to Apollo who answered my questions ingame (ArmA3) and redirected me to this community page.


See you in game and if you want to teach me, then, here I am.


Have a great day!

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I hope to see you all aswell! I was already on TS and talked.


I would like to apologize for that quick disconnect earlier - I guess it was unexpected app crash since only space was needed to abort it and get back to win.



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