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Tautvydas Tut Borusewicz


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In-game name when banned: Tautvydas Tut Borusewicz

What message displays when you attempt to connect? Admin Ban/Disruptive/Nicolai

Why do you think you were banned? Hitting vechicle in front of me on purpose at 2km/h.

Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted? Really what I think - what I did was stupid. I was bored of sitting in base, guy in front of me in Land Rover was breaking my immersion and farting(with mouth) music so I rammed him and told him to be more silent. I'm not dead on serious guy, but if this server would be milsim I would be serious and I can be more serious that most of people. I think of this server as of milsim but more relaxed that's why this happened. Yes this is not the first time people tell me stuff, but I've been under blacklist appearantly and I don't feel like I should be there just because I've done nothing serious. Once I called people not nice that was my bad and I am cincerely sorry for that, 2nd time everything was just messy and it was big mess. So this ban is just ridiculous.

Which administrator banned you (if known): Nicolai

When were you banned: 2017/01/02

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I`ve checked some logs we keep and it seems you`ve been warned and kicked a couple of times because of your behaviour. You`ve also recieved a warning in the past, if this behaviour would continue, you would be banned.


Today, you`ve done 2 silly things, you only believe the last one was the reason that you were banned. The incidents today were a drop over the edge. You gave the Moderators no other choice to slap you with a ban. This was not a single incident, you`ve been messing around a lot in the last couple of months.


We take rules seriously and everyone that plays the Enhanced server, will follow them. Server being a "milsim" or not, you have no right to behave like that on the server. You`ve been calling people names, you`ve been disrupting gameplay on many occasions. Completely unacceptable.


You`re saying you`ve been "black-listed". Not really, but we do keep track of behaviour on Enhanced server a lot more than on public servers. Each person, that breaks rules in succession, is tracked. You weren`t instantly banned after the 1st slip, but moderators have spoken to you about it, you`ve been give a warning. That can only be followed by a ban.


Currently, ban will be extended to a permanent one with an option to appeal after 6 months (beginning on July).


Ban appeal DENIED.



Community Referee

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I only know 1 thing today I've done bad - me driving into other vechicle at 2km/h, let me remind that in current EU3 rules it doesn't state that doing this is an offense, yes, I should not have done this, but also there isn't a thing as a common sense rule, currently it states " Common sense should be applied in the interpretation in these guidelines ". Common sense should be applied only to the rules(guidlines in the list). Also, you say thay I've beem warned and kicked a couple time because of my behaviour. That's a false statement. This is the message I've written to Copey since he was the only moderator I knew at the time I joined.


"Hi again.

So I am sick of this attidute people have towards me. I gonna throw everything since 1st day I joined.

1st day - I end up in gamenight training people call me noob.

2nd day  - I go onto a server join CMD Medic ( which was wrong of me I know) people throw shit at me and don't help me.

Later on UAV drama - rules doesn't say that you can't slot up as a UAV operator - no restrictions.

Later People (Reece if I am correct) leaves me in AO alone (I know that because some guy heard me, jump out of their vechicle and told me that they decided to act like they didn't hear me on radio even though they did)

Yesteday - people screaming shit onto me because I joined with Loggieman Vortex - 2 (After 16 ground troops). I even got permission from admin (Amentes?). When we joined up people started disconecting ( admin said to wait not to reslot) , people screams at us. Suddenly we have 26 guys on the server. People are still complaining.

Today an ADMIN!!! (PER0) asked one of Vortex - 1 elements to reslot due to "we need more people ono ground" - he wan't even CMD (ASL present). I told him that rules are "1 vortex team per 8 ground units" we still got asked to reslot , so loggie went to inf and I dc'ed."


As you see, even your name appears there, you've ordered Vortex to leave and even threatened to kick us but we didn't brale any rules. From the message you can also see that people missunderstand what happens, I got accused of lonewofing once and almost got banned, check what I've writeen about Reece in message to Copey. Also admins constantly told not to join UAV slot, there weren't a rule about it. Rules at time stated that no one should join PLT Medic and PLT FAC without PLT CO, nothing about UAV Operator. So I hope you remove the accusations of these "violations" because I am strictly following rules and not even bending or strectching them. Yes I've called once people Mongoes why? Because I thought it was funny and you know why I thought it was funny, just because I didn't knew what it means and it sounds definately similiar to how we call pumpkins in our area I live, but even then no one complained and I got recently dragged into a channel, I accepted my punishement. 2nd violation i guess I can agree to is kick by Kieran. That was a big misunderstanding and I don't want to go anymore deeper into it. And today I hit a car. I don't remember doing anything else wrong. Or could you maybe remind me, because it might have been not me. SO far I agree to two violations - one big one and a minor one. But this what happened today is even more rediculous, it almost looks like admins are waiting for a chance to interpret rules or make them up to make me up. I didn't have any problems with any people, go please ask around, it's constantly the same admins, even more clear Kieran, Nicolai.


Yes, I feel shit, and I'm beeing as open as I can to this post. But permanent baning for ramming a vechicle at 2km/h is rediculous. I can agree to ban for week that's better than current but even that is ridiculous. So what I gonna ask for is I would love you (admin team) to aknowledge me with what I've done and a rule that states that I did brake it. Also I would love if I would have a chance for an eye to eye discussion with an admin team or staff team or council so I could discuss my ban and my history in EU3 amd AW.


Thank you for you time.

Best Regards


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I am serious, and please don't read this in any mean way, I am 100% curious what was the 2nd thing I've done today that made jump of a cliff since I have no clear idea. Many poeple not only me where shocked of that ban out of nowhere in game and when I told what happened.

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I really don`t want to sound rude, but have you even read my post? It clearly states why you were banned.


Stuff you were warned for (prior to yesterday):

  • 2x inappropriate/false language
  • disregarding orders (recieved a kick)

Yesterdays incident:

  • not playing your role/teamkilling (after crashing 2x due to your own mistakes, you avoided discussion by ragequitting, leaving all INF troops without a pilot/transport. Moderators had to use teleport function for players to be able to complete the mission)
  • repeatedly trying to take off in the heli before all infantry members were on-board (disrupting gameplay for other players)
  • foul langugage over SR radio multiple times (rings a bell?)
  • ramming a vehicle in base
  • lying to a moderator

Before the moderator pressed the ban button, he did approach you, you lied to his face and said you rammed it by accident. You also added that people want you banned. You showed no willingness for cooperation back then, so the moderator pushed the button.


Do you see the same pattern we do?


Another note: please do not PM staff to complain about this ban. If you got anything to say, type it here. Before you say where was that written, there is a grey box on top of the ban appeal form stating a couple of rules about the ban appeal procedure, that is one of the rules.


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Prior to yesterday - I use faul language but in no way to be rude to people. IF i call people something they are usually my friends and tell me The same. Its a love hate relation The things only good friends understand. Yes The one incident Copey dealth with me Į called people mongo, and yes į found it funny because it sounds same as pumpkin in my language. This is for you to decide to believe me or not since The language is unnofficial in lithuania and i have no proof. Yesterday rules. Not playing role -  false. After crashes I felt genuinly bad and decide not to fly. Į think i am good pilot and what happened was due to me not flying for last month. Į told loggieman that į was logging off and gave him permission to fly to take over, so HE had pilot permmission to fly. I messaged current asl at time and moderator nicolai to inform that I was leaving because i was too ashamed to stay and i said sorry.

  • repeatedly trying to take off in the heli before all infantry members were on-board (disrupting gameplay for other players) havent done this ever this is ridiculous. On Sahrani I was joking around and telling pilot that when afk guys comes close to heli he should lift a bit so he gets a bit of shock :) but I Always take off when asl says to do so. Also that pilot didn't lift.

Faul language over radio .yesterday said only these words on radio - "please for christ sake dont touch my gear" or "don't you guys dare to touch my gear" I could not say anything else because online I was for 15 minutės and didnt had chance to leave base. Also all before reports happened not yesterday but 2 days ago. Ramming a vic is a bit too harsh to say. The vic didnt even move since there was no room in fronto of me. There was a space for one standing man so speed was 2-5 kmh. Didnt harm anyone. Lying to mod, yes į might have said : what if it was an accodent. This just because i was threatened a ban for almost nothing. It was retorical question not a spit to a face or getting to avoid ban. I was mad at the time, my bad.

Once again sincere appologies to everyone who felt abused by me. This wasnt supposed to go this far. Sorry.

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I belive we can now conclued this, you`ve told your side of story, althogh it`s still slightly different from what many moderators have stated.


Like stated above, appeal again in 6 months and I`ll review it again.

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