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Little Caesar

little d

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In-game name when banned: Little Caesar

Why do you think you were banned? team kill 2 times

Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted? sorry for my bad english ...It was the first time I get in the server as FSG GUNNER and I do not know how to play this specialty i was trying to learn but my bad i was TK twise the admin Warned me in 1st TK ..but i continued my play with mortar so i TK for the 2nd time
i don't know what to say to be unban but at least make it Temporary ban

Which administrator banned you (if known): iranzan

When were you banned: today morning

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thank you for replay 

I can invent a best story but im say the true story I acknowledge My fault 

and i didn't ask to lift my ban but i ask to make it Temporary becose i know i make somthing Forbidden 

sorry for my very bad english ..but i hope you understand what im saying

even if you AHOYWORLD ADMINS didn't accept my appeal i will respect Your decision..and i will say thank you to let me play in the best server in arma 3 

greetings from iraq

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