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[MLT] Benji


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In-game name when banned: [MLT] Benji

Why do you think you were banned? Hello, I don't know how to explain this, it's kind of difficult.

The only memory of something sketchy that could have been done wasn't my fault.

It's a while since this actually happened and one of the reasons I couldn't fix this issue before was due to the email confirmation not actually being received.
So if I remember correctly I was banned alongside a group of friends, the reasons where [Teamkilling/Racism/Hate Speech/ecc](Not sure).
This was true for two of my friends Karfusu and Rosman, what happened was that i was playing normally with them until we died once against AI, then we proceeded to another chopper to go back. What happened is that they started to say racist stuff which i didn't participate in,(I never actually opened my Mic, and also i think i wrote something to the pilot about not minding them). Unfortunately that wasn't all, they started standing on helipads and therefore some helis crashed in the process. Again I wasn't part of this.
I only got banned for being in their group.
I must also mention that I TK'ed them once or twice this was due to me not being happy about their behaviour but also still revived them.

It also doesn't show the reasons I was banned anymore. Most likely because it's been awhile, all it tells me is connection failed.

Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted? My ban was unfortunately a misunderstanding, but if you don't see it that way, all I can say is that I didn't do anything wrong but Team Killing them for the reasons stated above. I'm sorry for my friends behaviour but I didn't do anything but staying in their group hoping we actually play. Also if I play again with people with this behaviour I'll be sure to stop playing with them.

Which administrator banned you (if known): It doesn't show anymore

When were you banned: I don't personally remember, it's been a while. This took long because the email confirmation wasn't working for some reason. I'm thinking about 2 months maybe less.

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I'm sorry what? What else did I do that I didn't mention. Yes I did kill my own friends because i was angry about the fuss and everything they were creating, I also revived them hoping that they actually stop. My Mic was never opened so basically racism is also a false accusation. What else was I banned for?  Just standing around them hoping they actually stop so that I can finally play? I also just remembered that there was also another guy in the squad who was doing such things, I didn't know this guy but my friends did. His steam name I think is Diabeetus @DiverseGaming, I honestly don't recall him being banned, Maybe just maybe I was banned instead of him by mistake.

I know this might seem a bit to convenient and a mistake like this could have been done by everyone. I'm sorry but I've been trying a long time to create this thread. If this still seems like not a good reason to unban me, I will only say that anything like this will never be seen from me. 


I'm honestly really sorry for the fuss that my friends brought, as I said this type of behaviour will never be seen from me. If I have any other evidence I would present it. I also know taking someone's word is difficult so I'm hoping that this convinces you that I wasn't doing anything and if still it doesn't I'm assuring you that anything like this won't be done.

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After speaking with the banning admin again, I`ve decide to give you one more option, seeing you really want to play here.


You only get 1 and 1 only chance. You cross the line again or break any other rules, you`ll be banned again, for good. Racism has no place in AW, never has, never will.


Ban appeal SUCCESSFUL.



Community Referee

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