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Adam ht

Adam ht

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In-game name when banned: Adam ht

Why do you think you were banned? I crashed a chopper later that day where that guy that reported me was in it (bye the way i wasnt supposed to crash it). He was angry and griefed me,for example we were both at a main mission were he found me and did stuff like shooting in the air so the enemy knew where i was, and much more.i dont have evidence of that because i dont have any recorders like shadow play. However i made a mistake later that day when i saw him in spawn and he tried to grief at that point i was som mad that i shot him in spawn, i know that was a big mistake. I didnt know how to reporty people at that time and if i could i would. IMPORTENT: i cant remember hes name as i didnt have recordings

Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted? As i said i made a mistake but i should not get banned compared to what he did.

Which administrator banned you (if known): PERO

When were you banned: somewhere around: 1-3.06.16

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The incident you described is only one of the reason you got banned.


It was not only that 1 guy that you killed, you decided to kill a coupe of people and disconnect straight after. It`s something we really don`t like and is considered a kick/ban evasion, something we take extremly serious.


You also mind explaining this?

15:48:29 | (Side) Adam ht: STFU ALU SOMETHING

15:51:41 | (Side) Adam ht: LEARN TO FLY

16:15:20 | (Side) Adam ht: FRIENDLY FIRE WTF U A**HOLE

16:16:40 | (Global) Adam ht: F*** U

16:21:40 | (Vehicle) Adam ht: STFU U F****T

16:22:00 | (Vehicle) Adam ht: U FREAKING SHOT ME GO F*** URSELF

16:22:22 | (Vehicle) Adam ht: GODDAMN IDIOT

16:22:38 | (Vehicle) Adam ht: U F****** ASSHOLE


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