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Hi, my username in steam is Miro. 


I got banned for lobby idling.


However i dont think it was justified due to my slow internet connection, first time i connected

on my first join i got kicked for lobby idling (i was joining the mission)

Second join i didnt even get to choose my role before i got kicked for lobby idling.

Third join i got banned for 24 hours for lobby idling, again, didnt make it to join the server.

(Why even kick from lobby, when the lobby isn't full? Does it lag the server?)


Zis banned me. 

The ban happened at around 22PM GMT+2

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It was a one day ban and you were repeatedly coming back immediately after being autokicked.

This ban will be lifted on the understanding that if you get caught again the ban will be for much longer. 

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If you are playing on WiFi, if there is an option, I would try connecting via your UTP cable to your network, you should have no packet loss, you should be able to join in faster.



Ban lifted.

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