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Zeus in the downloadable Invade & Annex


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I guess a lot of people are familiar with Luetin09 playing on the AhoyWorld-servers using Invade and Annex with ZEUS added.

The thing is... I downloaded Invade and Annex for myself and my "Clan", but I cant add the ZEUS module, because it wont let me open the .pbo or mission file in the 3D or 2D Editor. It doesnt even give me an option except launching it as an multiplayer internet session.

How can I make it work exactly like Luetin09 uses it in the Streams? Is there any version to download, with the ZEUS module added?

I am not familiar with scripting and it took me pretty long to actually set up thing like the Revive system etc. so I really need help. (Yes I tried everything that google listed.)


Sorry for asking an easy question programmers would laugh about, but for me its not managable. 

PS I'm from germany, so my english probably sounds weird to u guys.  :ph34r:


Greetings and good luck on the Battlefield-



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Epic! Changed it with the PBO Manager and transfered it into Documents/Arma3/missions/"folder name" and  it worked :) Thanks! 

The Arsenals arent working and the missions dont spawn? Are there any commands to launch the missions? (Or the mission rotation)?

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